Get That Summertime Glow With Facial Rejuvenation

With the summer season fast approaching, it’s time to turn your thoughts to beach weather and the glorious days of summer that lay ahead. You want to look your best, but sometimes it feels like the gray weather of winter has taken up residence in your skin. The truth is your skin probably isn’t as vibrant as it used to be. It’s part of the aging process, and without intervention, your skin may continue to lose its youthfulness.

Enter the Fractora radiofrequency system. With this revolutionary technology, Brandon M. Lingenfelter, DO, PhD, can stimulate your body to replace your aging, worn-out skin with new skin. In a short visit, you can refresh the appearance of your skin without recovery time, so you can put your best face forward this summer.

Why skin ages

When you reach your 20s, you start to lose about one percent of your skin’s collagen content every year. Along with that, elastin production subsides, so your skin loses both volume and elasticity, and it becomes more vulnerable to environmental factors, such as UV rays, wind, and pollutants.

This combination results in lines, wrinkles, pigmentation issues, and loose, uneven skin. While you can take preventive measures, such as using sunscreen and a moisturizer, at some point these won’t be enough. You’ll either need to accept the results or take further action.

Facial rejuvenation fundamentals

Your body retains the ability to create new skin tissue, including the components collagen and elastin. This ability is typically reserved for skin injuries. Cuts and scrapes can often heal with no sign of the original injury. You may even notice that the skin in this area looks fresh and new.

The effective methods of facial rejuvenation tap into this healing ability by creating conditions that start the healing response. This is commonly called collagen induction therapy. In the case of some treatments, the damage is real and heavy, such as with dermabrasion and aggressive chemical peels. Your outer skin is damaged along with the middle layers, so you do indeed come out of the process with fresh, new skin, but only after weeks of uncomfortable recovery.

Fractora and collagen coagulation

Heat can also trigger the collagen induction process. That’s the principle behind the Fractora  system. Using radiofrequency energy, the Fractora system warms the middle skin layer about 10 degrees above your normal body temperature. It’s not very hot, but it’s enough to signal the body that new skin tissue is needed. Existing collagen and elastin are flushed naturally from your body as new tissue is created.

With the new collagen, your skin will gain new moisturization and a smoother tone. Many of your skin’s flaws will be flushed out. Dark spots will get lighter, lines and wrinkles will get smaller, and your skin will take on a glow that may have been missing for years.

To see if the Fractora system can help refresh your facial skin, book an appointment online or over the phone with Brandon M. Lingenfelter, DO, PhD, today.

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