Battle Fat Bulges Now With Surgery-Free CoolSculpting and Reach Your Aesthetic Goals by Summer

CoolSculpting, Brandon M. Lingenfelter

Winter is a sneaky season when it comes to body fat. As you make your way through the holidays and long weeks stuck indoors due to cold weather, you could find yourself putting on unwanted pounds. While winter clothes can go a long way toward hiding the evidence, summer will soon arrive, and you’ll be scrambling to shed the winter fat. If you start now, you can greet the swimsuit season with a smile rather than dread.

Brandon M. Lingenfelter, DO, helps patients in the Princeton, West Virginia, area tackle stubborn deposits of fat with CoolSculpting®, a nonsurgical body sculpting system.

Facing the enemy

If you’ve been doing everything by the book in terms of diet and exercise only to be plagued by areas of fat that just won’t go away, there are reasons for this: biology and genetics.

The human body operates under certain biological directives, which includes how you burn and store fat. For example, women are more prone to carry extra fat around their pelvic region in order to protect their reproductive organs. These areas include the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and hips. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to carry extra fat around their midsections.

What this means for your diet and exercise efforts is that you have little control over where your body chooses to give up its stores of fat. While exercising and eating right will help you lose weight, what you don’t have control over is where you lose it. Despite what many products and services may tell you, it’s impossible to direct your fat burning.

The ultimate weapon

Given that we can’t control where our bodies lose weight, we need help outside of diet and exercise. This is where CoolSculpting comes in. With CoolSculpting, the system delivers a cooling laser energy directly into your fat cells. This essentially freezes them to death without harming the surface of your skin.

Not only will the fat cells be removed from the treated areas, but they will also be eliminated permanently. This is an important point because you only carry a certain number of fat cells throughout your life. When you gain or lose weight, you don’t add or shed fat cells — your existing fat cells change in size.

With CoolSculpting, we can zero in on your problem areas and reduce the number of fat cells in the areas by as much as 24%. The cutting-edge system works on your:

In fact, because CoolSculpting is surgery-free, we can tackle almost any fat on your body, including under your chin or the upper arms commonly referred to as “bat wings.”

In time for summer

Most of our patients undergo several treatments, which we space out several weeks apart in order to allow time for your body to flush out the destroyed fat cells and for your skin to resettle over your slimmer profile.

About 6-12 weeks after your last treatment, you should see your final results — and just in time for summer if you start now.


If you’d like to debut a more shapely body this summer, book an appointment online or over the phone with Brandon M. Lingenfelter.

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